Sailing from Bergen, Norway to Lerwick, Shetland – our first 55 hours passage.

Bergen welcomed us with a cloudy sky and the promise of a rain coming our way. We have quickly located Brego, resting attached to another boat in the centre of the town. My knowledge about the sailors’ etiquette was non-existent and I did not realise that if you want to get to the boat which is located further down the line, you just getting on the nearest boat and crossing over. For some reason doing that seemed impolite. But as we soon found out – this is what you meant to be doing as there is no other way. No one expects you to swim between the boats!

Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway

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Why you should leave your country and live in another one?

Sometimes the choice of moving to another country is made for you by the circumstances in your own life, sometimes it is made by you feeling adventures and open to new possibilities the world has to offer. Although I truly hated year 2005 in year 2005, I have recently realized that without it I would be probably still in the same job, not even dreaming about traveling or having different passion than trying to survive day by day. Marcin was struggling to get any job and I was working two jobs not seeing much reward out of it. Our parents needed to support our everyday basic expanses and I remember my mum buying me a coat for a winter as I could not afford one. At that time I was having nightmares about the life we were living, realizing that if we do not do something, this will be it, nothing else is going to change. I will start hating my job and everyone around, not sleeping well and being frustrated all the time. Marcin with his PhD was becoming the “house-men”, cleaning our flat and cooking, getting bored and tired of looking for work, hearing that he is not good enough and being perceived as a treat… Yes, after a year of trying to make things work we have decided that it is time for some drastic measures.

Kitchen in our first new home in Bicester
Garden in our first home in Bicester
Living room furnished with garden furniture – we just discovered the beauties of car-boot sales!

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Waddesdon Manor – preserving the past of noble life in XIX century English country.

There is something amazingly magical in old buildings guarding their own history and the past of the people who lived there. You might feel like an intruder disturbing its peaceful state trying to steal some of the charm closed in old rooms packed with beautiful furniture and curiously looking at you distinguish faces of previous owners, living only in the fading memory of people taking care of the place. Every time I visit such a place, I am most grateful for a chance of finding myself, even if it is for a moment only, in the distance past.

The whole house
Inside Waddesdon Manor

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