Where the silence begins… Shetland.

The sea was smooth and dark blue. I could see a faint line of the land on the horizon – a different sign than the emptiness of the sea we were looking at for the last 30 hours. The rain stopped whipping our faces and the wind lightened a bit. I felt too exhausted to hold my camera so I was staring at the horizon, praying inside we could get to the land faster. Still, even though we could see it, there was another 20 or so hours of sailing in front of us.

IMG_0229 IMG_0233

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Why you should leave your country and live in another one?

Sometimes the choice of moving to another country is made for you by the circumstances in your own life, sometimes it is made by you feeling adventures and open to new possibilities the world has to offer. Although I truly hated year 2005 in year 2005, I have recently realized that without it I would be probably still in the same job, not even dreaming about traveling or having different passion than trying to survive day by day. Marcin was struggling to get any job and I was working two jobs not seeing much reward out of it. Our parents needed to support our everyday basic expanses and I remember my mum buying me a coat for a winter as I could not afford one. At that time I was having nightmares about the life we were living, realizing that if we do not do something, this will be it, nothing else is going to change. I will start hating my job and everyone around, not sleeping well and being frustrated all the time. Marcin with his PhD was becoming the “house-men”, cleaning our flat and cooking, getting bored and tired of looking for work, hearing that he is not good enough and being perceived as a treat… Yes, after a year of trying to make things work we have decided that it is time for some drastic measures.

Kitchen in our first new home in Bicester
Garden in our first home in Bicester
Living room furnished with garden furniture – we just discovered the beauties of car-boot sales!

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Playing the planning game … and why Barcelona City Card is useless.

I have mixed feelings about planing – I like being spontaneous when traveling, but I am time and money restricted too. As a full time working folk I have limited annual leave, but I am still determinate to get the most out of it. This year luckily I did a wise thing and planed all my holidays in January – I even bought all flight tickets in January, which saved me a lot of money. I used some of my credit card points for flights to Berlin and Bologna, managed to snatch nicely priced tickets with Iberia to Alicante and was fortunate enough to buy quite cheap tickets to Barcelona.  The most expensive trip is Corfu, as I need to get to Berlin first and then fly with my sister and mum to the island – but Easy Jet made the whole trip rather inexpensive in comparison with other airlines.

Flying somewhere with Easy Jet – my favorite airline 🙂

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Don’t let the panic take over! Welcome to Copenhagen!

Copenhagen swallowed us exactly at 23.48, on Saturday night, when we firmly put our feet on the Danish airport’s grounds. Bille, son of my husband’s aunt, waited with his girlfriend Nadia in front of the international arrivals doors, trying to figure out how we look like. I have never seen Bille, although we were corresponding vividly few weeks before we made our trip to Danish capital via Facebook and Marcin’s last time in Copenhagen was perhaps 20 or so years ago. Nevertheless we have a vague idea who to look for as we could see our pictures via Facebook.

Famous Copenhagen landmark

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How to save money for your travel – tips which work for me.

I am not a cheapskate, could not be one even if I tried very hard. The reason? I want to enjoy my life all the time, on my own terms and being a cheapskate is not the way. I work so I have a steady income every month. But I have a goal too – travel as much as it is possible on a budget and within a time I have for my leave. So I must save for this. So I try.


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Travel cheaply – you can even if you are 9-5 folks!

I am 9-5 folk who only work to afford traveling. This is very simple – if you want to travel you need money. For us – working people fund our holidays is easier and more difficult at the same time. We have a steady income, but we have bills to pay too. However there are things we all can do to make sure our money go further – there are advises and resources we can use to make sure we are doing everything to travel cheaply but still quite comfortably.

Sardinia for Easter time 🙂

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Traveling differently… a philosophical approach

What would you define as a journey? Would it be just going from point A to point B? Sometimes we are not even sure about point B, as we do not know where we are going. You can travel physically as you normally do every day going to work as I do or when on holidays. You can travel inside yourself – no matter where you are you can always close your eyes and imagine being elsewhere. You travel with your soul and your heart throughout life all the time. Your travel changes you. You start understanding more of what you really need and want – who you really are. You look at your past and perhaps regret something. No point. What is important is to make a peace with the past and look into the future. You are blessed if you are healthy, happy, surrounded by people you need in your life, not the once you do not need at all. Whatever you do, you travel, you are making your journey!


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