Palazzo Poggi in Bologna – open your mind to the 18 century science.

The Museum established in Palazzo Poggi is one of the most fascinating places I have ever visited. The structure of the Palazzo dates back to the works carried out in the 16 century to modify and enlarge the building that had been purchased at the end of the 15 century by the Poggi family. The plan to expand and embellish the palace dates from the mid-1500s and was the idea of Giovanni Poggi, powerful cleric and eminent figure in the papal curia.

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The incredible story of The Archiginnasio Palace.

Bologna can surprise on so many levels! First of all – it’s Italy, which I felt in love with after visiting Rome few years back, secondly – the town is still not spoiled and local, thirdly – you can walk under about 38 kilometres of amazing arches and porticos avoiding any kind of weather you have to deal with and last but not least – you can admire the town from one of the two towers sitting comfortable in the middle of the centre of Bologna, after conquering 498 steps to get to the top that is! Apart from that Bologna has the oldest university in Europe!

Inside The Archiginnasio Palace

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Discovering the secrets of The Archiginnasio Palace

I touched amazingly smooth and white marble table which was sitting comfortably in the middle of Anatomy Theatre in Archiginnasio Palace. It took me back to XVII century, when the theatre was built for students of the oldest university in Europe to teach anatomy empirically through dissection of human and animal corpses. The dominating colour in the theatre is brown, the room is completely made out of spruce wood and appears to be rather warm and pleasant. I sat on a bench were students were sitting during the lecture and tried to imagine how this lecture could go, what they saw and what they learnt.

The postmortem examination table

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