Breaking the rainbow – Cascade d’Ouzoud Waterfalls Tour in Morocco.

In the early hours of the morning Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh looks quiet and empty. All the rush and colours of the evening disappear, leaving the square open to random visitors. A few pigeons flew away as we crossed the square. Until then not bothered by few locals gathered in the middle, sitting comfortable on the ground, enjoying the sunny morning.  The mighty tower of Koutoubia Mosque was rising slowly, painted in gold by the waking sun.

IMG_7911 IMG_7920 IMG_7922 IMG_7925

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Trip to Zagora desert? Not so sure about that now…

The alarm on my phone rung at 6. I was not asleep for at least half an hour, woken up by my growing excitement. After all we were going to visit the desert today – even more, we were going to spend the night on the desert, with the Berbers, in the tents! My head was filled with pictures of enormous dunes, caravans of camels negotiating their way under the hot sun and a few colourful Berber’s tents, sitting in the middle of nowhere. The Moroccan desert – our home for the night.

IMG_4081 IMG_4150

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The past in the pictures – The Museum of Photography in Marrakesh.

I longed for a sun so I quickly made my way up, to the top of the Museum of Photography in Marrakesh. I wanted to sit on a terrace, bathed in the yellowish afternoon. It was our first day in Morocco, our first encounter with Moroccan cuisine and famous mint tea. The terrace was filled with people patiently waiting for the waiter’s attention and we joined in with our stomachs rumbling with hunger. From the top of the building we could admire the roofs of the town, stretching out on every side, up to the horizon and beyond.

IMG_7661 IMG_7649 IMG_7648 IMG_7662

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The souks of Marrakesh – playing with the rainbow and the sellers’ patience.

A few days ago I came back from Morocco. I could hardly wait for an opportunity to sit and write about my incredible adventures. My head was full of sun and sand from the desert, my camera flooding with pictures. Unfortunately, a nasty cold, which was lurking around for some time, decided to strike and put me into bed for a few days. I did not feel like writing, working nor doing anything really. Luckily, the cold is almost gone now, and I feel strong enough to finally look through my pictures and write all about my five days in Morocco!

IMG_3806 IMG_3810

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