Palazzo Poggi in Bologna – open your mind to the 18 century science.

The Museum established in Palazzo Poggi is one of the most fascinating places I have ever visited. The structure of the Palazzo dates back to the works carried out in the 16 century to modify and enlarge the building that had been purchased at the end of the 15 century by the Poggi family. The plan to expand and embellish the palace dates from the mid-1500s and was the idea of Giovanni Poggi, powerful cleric and eminent figure in the papal curia.

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The magical walk under the porticoes of Bologna.

One of my favourite things to do when visiting new town is to walk around and taste the atmosphere. Of course, the walks we were doing in Bologna were rather purposeful, but apart from trying to get from one incredible interesting site to another we were as well walking to grab something to bite or to visit streets and places which would make us feel like locals. And of course to grab aperitif to restore our strength.  

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Inside the Cathedral of St. Peter, Bologna.

I had few reasons to looking forward to visit Bologna – first of all Italy. I could honestly leave it just like that and stop right here – who need more, really? My second reason – seeing my sister and be able to relax totally, taking a lot of pictures and just drink in the atmosphere of the town, since she was going to be our guide and handle the map (which I am terrible at by the way). And thirdly – the churches! No, I am not religious, I am just fascinated by them and I am always on a look out, willing to step inside whenever I am.

The church must have its voice

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We sold more plane tickets than we have places on a plane… How to survive a “standby”.

My body rebelled on me the minute I found myself in a hotel room. I put my suitcase on the bed and sat nearby. I did not really know why I was so stressed, since I was taken care by incredibly kind lady at the airport. I guess it was because I firmly believed I will be sleeping tonight in my own bed and in the morning I will be preparing myself to go to work. But there you go, life again proved to be full of surprises. My flight back home was overbooked and since I did not check online I found myself between the passengers for whom there was no seats available.

Saying goodbye to Bologna minutes before I found out that I am not flying tonight…

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Discovering the secrets of The Archiginnasio Palace

I touched amazingly smooth and white marble table which was sitting comfortably in the middle of Anatomy Theatre in Archiginnasio Palace. It took me back to XVII century, when the theatre was built for students of the oldest university in Europe to teach anatomy empirically through dissection of human and animal corpses. The dominating colour in the theatre is brown, the room is completely made out of spruce wood and appears to be rather warm and pleasant. I sat on a bench were students were sitting during the lecture and tried to imagine how this lecture could go, what they saw and what they learnt.

The postmortem examination table

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