4 days wandering in Budapest.

I love city breaks! They give me enough time to get the taste of the city and recharge my batteries for the upcoming week of work. For a short period of time I am finding myself in a different country, surrounded by different people, eating local cuisine and enjoying sightseeing to the full.  If I could afford it, I would be on a city break every week!

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Praying inside Gellért Hill – the Cave Church of Budapest.

I was standing in front of the Cave Church, located inside Gellért Hill. A beautiful ,but cold evening was slowly turning into night. The intense green colour of Liberty Bridge was gradually dissolving, letting the darker shadows take over. The street lamps were gently polishing sharp corners of the world. The steam coming out of Gellért Baths borrowed some colour from the street lamps and made me regret leaving the towel and swimming suite in the hotel. Sinking into natural hot springs located outside on the cold January evening would be a perfect finish to our first evening in Budapest. Instead we have visited an unusual church, located inside the cave, formed by the thermal springs.

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