Ksar Aït Ben Haddou – the gingerbread adventure

I felt tired, not interested, dreaming about a bed, in which I could actually sleep, not surrounded by loud snoring of others and not listening to the wind violently jerking the Berber’s tent. My night at the desert was uncomfortable sleepless, my butt felt sore and I could not think or imagine a place where the sand was not getting into. After spending one day in the car to get to Zagora, hoping all the way to arrive in one piece, desperately holding my suitcase while riding on a camel and trying to remove my contact lenses without getting sand in my eyes, I was not up for doing anything. But since I was not planning on coming back here, I dragged my sorry ass out of the car and went for a walk with our little group.

IMG_8262 IMG_8256 IMG_8244 IMG_8242

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Trip to Zagora desert? Not so sure about that now…

The alarm on my phone rung at 6. I was not asleep for at least half an hour, woken up by my growing excitement. After all we were going to visit the desert today – even more, we were going to spend the night on the desert, with the Berbers, in the tents! My head was filled with pictures of enormous dunes, caravans of camels negotiating their way under the hot sun and a few colourful Berber’s tents, sitting in the middle of nowhere. The Moroccan desert – our home for the night.

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There is no cream in a tea in “cream tea”! My adventure with famous English desert

It took me ages to understand the idea behind famous English dessert. And I mean – ages! The name is perfectly misleading, wouldn’t you agree? First thing which comes to mind is actually a cup of tea with cream – simple, awful and definitely not for me. But there is a catch! A catch with English use of word tea.


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