Trip to Zagora desert? Not so sure about that now…

The alarm on my phone rung at 6. I was not asleep for at least half an hour, woken up by my growing excitement. After all we were going to visit the desert today – even more, we were going to spend the night on the desert, with the Berbers, in the tents! My head was filled with pictures of enormous dunes, caravans of camels negotiating their way under the hot sun and a few colourful Berber’s tents, sitting in the middle of nowhere. The Moroccan desert – our home for the night.

IMG_4081 IMG_4150

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Different faces of Sahara Desert in Tunisia

When we think about Sahara Desert first thing which must come to mind is sand, sea of sand, then sun, no water and unforgivable heat. But desert can have so many different faces – hidden treasures such as oasis with water and palm trees and believe me – some of them are huge, salt lakes – like the Tunisian part of Sahara desert, herds of wild camels wandering around… It can offer so many different landscapes but there is one thing which connect them all – they are wild and harsh.

Wild Camels on the desert

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