Why you should not miss a train journey in Tunisia?

I was never a big fan of “all inclusive” holiday package, but there you go, there are things one must try once in a lifetime. The idea behind it is simple – you do not need to spend any more money while staying in the hotel as all your drinks and food is already paid for. Obviously there are some rules to it – you are wearing a band around your wrist (don’t forget to take it off when you are going out to the town as otherwise you will be constantly informed by random people that their cousin/brother/sister works at the hotel you are staying in) and all your drinks should be coming out from one of the bars, which means that you need to stick to certain hours and certain places.

I do not think this arrangement is bad for anyone who want to stay in a hotel and just simply relax, lying on a beach and drinking whatever they wish to drink, within a choice offered by hotel “all inclusive” package. At the end of the day you are on your holidays and want to relax without stressing out over the budget.

Beach at our hotel

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Simply life of Berber people in Tunisia

Only 1% out of 10 million Tunisians are Berbers. Their history reaches 3000 BC but their culture is slowly disappearing as they integrate with Arabic world. The Berbers were pushed by Arabs in 7 BC to live in desert regions like Sahara. Despite their rough history they call themselves i-Mazigh-en – Free People or Free and Noble Men. 

Getting to know people…

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Beauty has many faces… Pistyll Rhaeadr in the Berwyn Mountains

So I was feeding you with some sunny and warm pictures, but beauty has so many different faces! The rain and the fog are much more mysterious and perhaps full of surprises as well. We could experience different images if the day was sunny, but rain and fog gave this place something really special.


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You do not need to travel far…

It is somehow amazing how far we are willing to travel to see beautiful landscapes, sea, nature, other people, food… There are beautiful and breathtaking places to visit near where you live as well. Everyone travels to South Asia, both Americas, Africa… but not many people travel around where they live. At least not many share their “near my neighborhood” adventures. Somehow it is not as exotic. But… doesn’t he look exotic???


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Piece of Paradise on Earth – Gan Hashlosha (Sachne), Israel

Today I am back to Israel again (in my mind and in my heart), to Gan Hashlosha which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Some people think it is a secret Garden of Eden and I really must agree with them!

The slow flow of the perfect river

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Pure blue sky in Haifa, Israel – The Bahá’í Gardens

In the center of Haifa, slowly descending of the Mountain Caramel, a staircase of nineteen terraces can be seen. They are filled with a very well cared for flowers, bushes and trees. Gravel paths will lead you around beauties of nature and human attention. 

Terraces descending on the Mount Caramel

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