Palazzo Poggi in Bologna – open your mind to the 18 century science.

The Museum established in Palazzo Poggi is one of the most fascinating places I have ever visited. The structure of the Palazzo dates back to the works carried out in the 16 century to modify and enlarge the building that had been purchased at the end of the 15 century by the Poggi family. The plan to expand and embellish the palace dates from the mid-1500s and was the idea of Giovanni Poggi, powerful cleric and eminent figure in the papal curia.

IMG_1063 IMG_0997

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The marriage of two contrasts – Doge Palace, Venice.

The Dodge Palace blinded us with its outside whiteness and almost knocked down with dark and lavish interiors. Richly decorated Doge’s Apartments, Scarlet Chamber, the Scudo and Stucchi Rooms and the Council and Senate Chambers took our breaths away. I looked up at the incredible celling in the Chamber of the Great Council and felt like the smallest person in the world, literally overwhelmed by the sumptuousness surrounding us. The celling reminded me of Vatican Museum’s Editori Corridors with its beautifully painted and decorated walls glowing in gold, but the Chamber of the Great Council was much much bigger.



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1 Dante, 2 towers and 3 police officers – an afternoon in Bologna.

“As when one sees the tower called Garisenda

from underneath its leaning side, and then a cloud

passes over and it seems to lean the more,

thus did Antaeus seem to my fixed gaze

as I watched him bend…”

Divine Comedy, Inferno, XXXI, 136-140


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One day trip to Venice – 8 hours in the city on water.

I start to think that slow traveling is not for me. The idea is great – live like locals and taste the atmosphere. But sadly I do not really have time for slow traveling. I travel in my own rhythm, which means I try doing what makes me happy when I am away. I have noticed that majority of travel bloggers are full time vagabonds spending few weeks in one country before they move to the next one, not planning much and not booking accommodation in advance – they have plenty of time to truly travel slowly, and to know the place like the back of their hand.  I have few weeks in a year to travel but I still want to taste and experience a little bit of a different world. So I try my best to do just that, even though it means traveling more intensively in a shorter period of time.


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The incredible story of The Archiginnasio Palace.

Bologna can surprise on so many levels! First of all – it’s Italy, which I felt in love with after visiting Rome few years back, secondly – the town is still not spoiled and local, thirdly – you can walk under about 38 kilometres of amazing arches and porticos avoiding any kind of weather you have to deal with and last but not least – you can admire the town from one of the two towers sitting comfortable in the middle of the centre of Bologna, after conquering 498 steps to get to the top that is! Apart from that Bologna has the oldest university in Europe!

Inside The Archiginnasio Palace

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The magical walk under the porticoes of Bologna.

One of my favourite things to do when visiting new town is to walk around and taste the atmosphere. Of course, the walks we were doing in Bologna were rather purposeful, but apart from trying to get from one incredible interesting site to another we were as well walking to grab something to bite or to visit streets and places which would make us feel like locals. And of course to grab aperitif to restore our strength.  

IMG_1402 IMG_1238

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Inside the Cathedral of St. Peter, Bologna.

I had few reasons to looking forward to visit Bologna – first of all Italy. I could honestly leave it just like that and stop right here – who need more, really? My second reason – seeing my sister and be able to relax totally, taking a lot of pictures and just drink in the atmosphere of the town, since she was going to be our guide and handle the map (which I am terrible at by the way). And thirdly – the churches! No, I am not religious, I am just fascinated by them and I am always on a look out, willing to step inside whenever I am.

The church must have its voice

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