Blogs I like


BeatstheOffice – for an unusual approach and brilliant story about the author!

InaFarawayLand – for her Polish roots and being brave to fallow the dream!

WanderLustLovers – for incredible love story and a lot of great tips and even greater photos!

SweetDistance – love story and breaking the distance – there is no distance which could keep these two apart for long!

OnePennyTrip – another Polish girl not being afraid to make her dreams come true. 

AngloItalian – for always finding time to talk with me and for being in Berlin now – city I love too 🙂 And their blog is superb too!

WiseMonkeyAbroad – for incredible stories and for being a proper pro in this business. 

FlightsandFrustration – for being wise and funny at the same time. 

KamiandtheRestoftheWorld – for being a little like me, 9 to 5 trying to squeeze as much traveling as it is possible. 

Crazzzytravel – for great tips and for Barcelona for couple on a budget too! Keep a good work guys!!!

KeepCalmandTravel – for marvelous tips on almost everything. 

TheWanderlustAdventure – for incredible Bucket List and other amazing stories. 

GoneTraveling – I want to fallow your adventure guys as I believe in your dreams too. 

TheBrokeBackpacker – for visiting incredible places and not being afraid!

SurfingthePlanet – I am going to practice my Spanish on your blog guys!


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