About me!

Hello again! I guess you are curious 🙂 Let me tell you more about myself then!

Enjoying coffee in Prague

I am fascinated by the world, its variety and beauties, people and places, amazing nature and unique animals. I want to take you on a journey with me, show you places I have visited and show you how you can travel as often as I do, regardless every day commitments.

Real winter in Zakopane, Poland.

 I hope you will enjoy traveling with me as much as I do. Hope you will like my posts and my pictures, although I only recently started learning how to take them in a more professional way. 

In a pub in London, by Tomek 🙂

I have so many plans and there are so many places I want to visit! I want to be able to travel to any destination I can dream of, put my feet firmly on a ground in any country on the planet! This is my life goal and I want to take you with me on this journey and give you an opportunity to explore the beauties of this world through my posts and my pictures. I want to become a  traveler without boundaries! 

Beautiful Governor’s beach in Cyprus

I want to write about how to travel well and a lot as a full time working person – I will tell you about my tips on how to save money, which country is cheap to organize your trip to and which is too expansive and it will leave you with a huge hole in your budget. I will tell you how to save for your trip and how to make your money go further. I will tell you how to make sure your holidays are the best and you are fully and truly rested and ready to face the every day boredom. So keep calm, read my blog and travel!


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