Introducing Brego – the sailing boat which will take us from Norway to Iceland…

Brego’s sails are burgundy red. A little dirty burgundy red, like a good wine. Its body is dark, made of steel, with a horse head clearly visible on the sides. The boat itself is 13,44 m long and 3,91 m wide. Brego is a ketch – a sailing craft with two masts. The forward of the two masts (the “mainmast”) is larger than the after mast (the “mizzen”).

sy-brego-3 sy-brego

In the past a ketch was a square-rigged vessel, used as a freighter of a fishing boat in northern Europe, in the Baltic and North seas – exactly where we are going to sail in June/July. Nowadays ketch is a pleasure/leisure vessel, and for us this particular yacht will become a home for 2.5 weeks. Home shared with other sailing enthusiasts.

sy-brego-2 sy-brego-4

Brego has been renovated in 2007, when “Kliper” became its owner. A new engime – Volvo Penta 55E – has been fixed and other repairs, which prepared the boat for a long sailing trips, were carried out.

sy-brego-6 sy-brego-7

At the moment Brego is awaiting patiently for the 14 June, sitting comfortable at the marina in Szczecin. His journey will start soon – the crew will sail from Szczecin to Bergen so we can catch up on the 25 June and sail all the way to Iceland. We are lucky enough to be a part of Brego’s incredible journey, from Poland to Iceland and back!


The owner of the yacht is “Kliper” – sailing school based in Szczecin and Poznan we have started our sailing adventure with last year. We have managed to get Inland Skipper qualifications and now we want to get Yacht Skipper qualifications, so we can charter a yacht independently. In order to do that we must sail at least 200h and be able to present positive opinions from the sailing from the captain. I hope we can do that before September, when we off to Szczecin to try and get the proper training and Yacht Skipper qualifications.


We will start our adventure in Bergen and then we will sail towards the Shetlands Islands – to Lerwick, the capital of Shetlands. To get from Bergen to Lerwick we will sail 200 miles. We will have an opportunity to explore the islands and then we aim to get to Faroe Islands – a volcanic islands located on the north of Atlantic, incredibly beautiful, with a rare wild nature still thriving there.


Faroe Islands is an island country comprising an archipelago of small islands between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland, 320 kilometres (200 miles) north-northwest of Scotland. The islands are an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark.

sy-brego-12 sy-brego-11

The next stop will be in Seydisfiordur, Iceland. If the weather and the time allow us, we are hoping to explore this part of Iceland as well. Then we will be sailing along the coast to Reykjavik – the name of the capital of Iceland means “smoking bay” and it is the location of the first permanent settlement in Iceland, which was established in AD 874. And again – if the time and weather permits we are hoping to visit few gazers and hot springs!


I simply cannot wait for all that! I am hoping my old camera will help me to keep the memories and immortalize this incredible trip so I can share this fantastic experience with you!

You can track Brego here: Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder – just type in Brego and see what he is up to! Do not be surprised if you cannot locate us – if we deep into the sea our signal is hard to pick up.

All the pictures came from Kliper – Szkola Zeglarska




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