24 days left before we sail to Iceland and shopping for wellies…

The list of the things we need to purchase for our upcoming sailing trip is steadily growing. I did not manage to have a good look at our sleeping bags hidden away in the cupboard and I am not sure if they are ok for the trip. Then you have a simple fact of a travel bag – the suitcase is useless on a boat, it’s too big and awkward. We do need proper bags, which can be folded and squished. We do not have proper wellies, which would allow us to move around wet surfaces easily and help us avoid breaking leg or land on our bottoms. We need water-proof and wind-proof trousers and jackets and proper gloves and Marcin needs to see an optician about the contact lenses, in case his glasses land in the water…

IMG_2011 IMG_1986

I am not panicking. Most of these things can be simply purchased online and delivered directly to our doors.  As always it is a question of price and quality. But there is nothing wrong with buying used stuff, things people do not want or need anymore.

IMG_1991 IMG_1995

One of my lovely colleagues at work gave me a really nice, proper sailing jacket, which I am very grateful for as that way I am saving at least £50. Yes, these things can be very expansive, but as they say – you buy them once, perhaps twice, so you want to get them right!

IMG_1950 IMG_1947

My emotions are riding on a roller-coaster right now – I am switching from fear to excitement, from uncertainty to pure joy. I am learning knots and reading about sailing regulations, remembering things we have learnt about a year ago. This is the next stage in our journey, next stage to follow the dream of sailing full-time, to settle on a boat for a while and take few other people with us on a journey.

IMG_2012 IMG_2015

We want to know how to sail before buying our own boat. We want to know if we like this life-style. In reality we will shrink our living space and I need to know if I can do that. I am not a creature of comfort, I do not need much to be happy. Just a dream to come true and stay true. As with many dreams, the reality can crush them hard. The reality must become my dream, not the other way round.

IMG_1963 IMG_2007

So we are preparing ourselves for this trip – perhaps the most important trip in our lives. I will take with me the pictures of sailing people on their own boats, the pictures of sunsets and sunrises, golden beaches and barbeques under the palm trees, raw fiords and crude landscapes… Well, boat we sailing on – Brego – is heading from Bergen in Norway to Reykjavik in Iceland – so perhaps I should stick with raw fiords and crude landscapes rather than palm trees and golden beaches…

IMG_1932 IMG_1936

I do not expect a lot of comfort. The sea will be rough and difficult, the wind cold and the water will hit my face and the rest of my body more than I would like. Perhaps I land on my buttocks more than once, hit myself hard, had problems sleeping, find out that after all I do suffer from a sea sickness, still cannot recognize from which direction the wind blows (o, my!), feeling frustrated that I am not able to do something I want to…


On the other hand I am hoping to see the most beautiful landscapes, visit the Shetland Island and the Faroe Islands, stop by at Seydisfiordur and finally arrive in Reykjavik. I am hoping to take as many pictures as my memory card allows and meet amazing people along the way. I am hoping that I will love this adventure and will be hungry for more.

Strandkaien 1



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