Breaking the rainbow – Cascade d’Ouzoud Waterfalls Tour in Morocco.

In the early hours of the morning Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh looks quiet and empty. All the rush and colours of the evening disappear, leaving the square open to random visitors. A few pigeons flew away as we crossed the square. Until then not bothered by few locals gathered in the middle, sitting comfortable on the ground, enjoying the sunny morning.  The mighty tower of Koutoubia Mosque was rising slowly, painted in gold by the waking sun.

IMG_7911 IMG_7920 IMG_7922 IMG_7925

Our car awaited us in one of the side streets attached to Jemaa el-Fnaa. I sat at the front, clinching my camera and hoping for some amazing shots during the journey. Unfortunately not much was going on and the landscape stayed boringly the same, with the hints of dirty brown and green. Clear blue sky was breaking monotonous scenery and the road was quickly swallowed up by our rushing car.

IMG_7929 IMG_7930 IMG_7936 IMG_7948

The waterfall attracts visitors all year round. You can get there by yourself and make your way through the olive garden to stand at the top of Cascade d’Ouzoud, admiring the village which came to life at the bottom of the nature’s miracle. The red rocks are breaking the dreary landscape, contrasting with lavish green which is given a chance to thrive in here. The blue sky adds to this waltz of colours. 

IMG_7940 IMG_7939 IMG_7934

The way, guarded by olive trees, will take you slowly down, to the bottom of the river, to the bottom of the waterfall. You can hide in the shadows of the trees, avoiding sharp sun on your way down. The views across are amazing, raw and harsh, and the slippery and dangerous descent will make you feeling grateful for taking good hiking boots.

IMG_7970 IMG_7959 IMG_7958 IMG_7972

A few restaurant are plastered to the side, offering typical Berber cuisine of couscous with lamb, vegetables or beef, prepared in a traditional conical clay pot. The meat is deliciously tender and the vegetables taste of earth and spices. If you lucky, you can grab a seat overlooking the waterfalls, where an amazing rainbow is created, looking down at the boats, making trips with newcomers on the board.

IMG_7990 IMG_7988 IMG_7992

This place is magically peaceful and not spoiled by human invasion. Not changed to serve the thousands of tourist visiting each day. In here the nature is appreciated and not broken in order to serve people. We are guests, visiting for a moment, to enjoy the beauty, not to change it. 

IMG_8006 IMG_8002 IMG_8003


Get a guided tour from Marrakesh, if you are in the area. You will get information form the place you are staying in or from the local tourist office, organizing different tours. 

Cascade d’ouzoud


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