Way through Hell to Paradise – reaching Cape Lara – Turtle Beach

When we are going on holidays we have only one thing in mind – have as much fun as it is possible and make the stay buzzing with adventures. Sometimes I feel like there is not much time left for me to discover and enjoy, so I can make our holidays quite intensive, but remarkable and full of unforgettable moments too. Obviously, like in life, not everything can be planned to the latest detail, so sometimes changes to the plans are made at the last minute. Besides our traveling taught me to be a little less stressed about seeing all the signs and being in all the important places – so we always find the time to chill out on the beach or have a quiet evening with some nice drinks and food.

Enjoying the sun and the sea

In Cyprus we had our rented car, so there was no stopping us from going anywhere we wanted – we were staying near Paphos in a nice hotel, in the middle of nowhere with a banana plantation on our door step and beautifully shaped coast just few minutes away.

Beautiful cost near our hotel
Enjoying retsina on the rocks!
Sunset 🙂

We have discovered it one evening, when we felt the need of escaping busy schedule and drunk Retsina looking at the sunset, giving ourselves our first Greek experience – at the evenings like that you just feel a perfect connection with the world around you and you know you are in the right place, at least for now.

Looking towards Cape Lara
Cape Lara in the distance
Marcin balancing on the cliff
Enjoying the ride to Cape Lara

With our rented car we have a total freedom and choice were to go. I have read about Turtle beach in one of the travel guides I was consulting prior to our trip. The guide however forgot to mention that the way to Cape Lara was hardly a way – we found ourselves literally in the middle of nowhere, strongly believing in our lovely car, which was not a range rover or 4×4.

The road
On the verge of the cliff
Not bad road at the beginning
We do not give up!

On few occasions we did meet other cars and Marcin could use his marvelous driving skills to balance on the edge of the cliff letting people drive by us. The drive took us approximately an hour and was agonizing!

The entrance to the beach
The entrance to the beach – unspoiled!

At one point we bumped so hard I thought our car is totally ruined but the beast was still holding on. Later on we found out that the horn totally stopped working and the wipers were rather temperamental – good thing we were visiting sunny part of Greece with rather small chances for rain.


We went to Cyprus in November, totally out of season, with a lot of places deserted but still quite popular. Tourist season for Cyprus was slowly closing down but you could still spot some wanderers around touristy spots, trying to enjoy discovering sunny island.  

Still driving!
Beautiful and unspoiled!

The beach itself was lovely – it was not invaded by people an you could enjoy its wildness – just one small shop along the way, with rather not exciting lunch choice and a long, uninterrupted string of light brown sand with some mountains on the horizon. We got there, left cloths and went for a swim in a cold but clear water, enjoying the out of season emptiness, with just a few people around, resting on their towels, having picnics and enjoying the view.

More photos of the way
This was not so bad!
But this was pretty challenging!

During the turtle season (August to September) the beach is closed for tourist, to give turtles the best opportunity to breed in peace, however there is a possibility to go with a trained guide to see the miracle of life. What I really appreciated about the beach was the way people of Cyprus are treating it – they do not try to change it into money making spot, they respect the nature and let Her thrive where She chose too. This approach made us to fell in love with Cyprus and we will, if we are able to, come back there one day. 

The beach meets the sea
View from your right, facing the sea
View from your left, facing the sea
Peaceful day on the beach

2 thoughts on “Way through Hell to Paradise – reaching Cape Lara – Turtle Beach”

    1. Thanks so much for visitng! Cyprus is amazing! And in November – not too hot, not too crowdy, just the way we like it 🙂 A lot of people says it is expansive to visit, but not really, renting a car is cheap, and I think this is essential, if you want to see more than your hotel and town nearby 🙂 We will be back one day, I am sure!


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