Paradise for your senses – trotting through La Boqueria

We did not climb a Nativity Tower in Sagrada Familia. What a shame, I thought, I cannot add this to my list! I cannot look at Barcelona from the top of its most exciting and unusual building – never ending art in creation. And at exactly the same moment another thought crossed my mind – what a joy, I will have to come back to do just that! So, funnily enough, after being informed that the year to finish Sagrada was set for 2026 I have made a mental note in my diary. And I promise myself to be there, no matter what, to celebrate one of the most exciting buildings being finished! 


Apart from having the most excellent buildings (spirit of Gaudi infallibly hanging in the air) Barcelona is buzzing with things you want to do over and over again. Visiting colorful and full of life Mercado de La Boqueria might be something to consider if you fancy putting yourself into a wanderer mood, going from one stool to another without an aim, just for the sake of looking at stuff you do not even want to buy, but which looks so pretty and colorful that your senses go crazy over it!

IMG_9371 IMG_9357 IMG_9353 IMG_9358

We had a nice, although rather expensive meal over there and I have seen so many yummy things to eat and so many things I would have no idea what to do with too! Seeing some of the food on sale I was quite impressed with resourcefulness of people to use every single bit to cook a meal. I guess I have not seen much since we were mostly traveling around Europe, but still, I was impressed regardless. Perhaps one day we will make a change of continent and I will put some interesting personal insight into food on the other side of the world 🙂

IMG_9355 IMG_9372

La Boquera is attacking your senses from the start, not leaving much to imagination. By crossing the gates to the market, you are being pulled by magical power inside the most colorful and intense whirl, navigating your way through countless numbers of stalls offering everything and anything you could possibly think about. There are stalls full of fruits, sea food, sweets and meat, there are fancy restaurants and less fancy, which does not mean less expansive, stalls offering freshly made fish or meat, plates with Spanish ham and drinks. 

The gate
My tasty fish – freshly made and delicious!
Fancy a sea salad?

The people who work on the market have created a vibrant community. If you do not have any facilities to cook your coffee, the stall near by will offer you a hot water to prepare your drink. Perhaps you can offer fresh sea food, which will jump from your stall straight into a tourist or local chap plate, seasoned by spices from the next stall? And for desert – why not to try tasty sweets form the next stall?

IMG_9370 IMG_9369

For me visiting La Boqueria was a blissful experience. I had a joyful pleasure letting my senses to be attacked from every possible angle, mixing myself with locals and other travelers trying to catch up with markets unique atmosphere. Visiting such place is always adding enormously to the whole trip and I am glad we have visited this lively piece of Barcelona.

IMG_9363 IMG_9354

La Boqueria


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