My dreams gallop through the valley…

I thought traveling opened my mind. I was wrong. Traveling is a border you cross, it’s a tool you use unconsciously to unlock your heart and enrich your soul.  It’s like stepping to unknown water to learn how to swim. You trust you can do it and keep yourself on a surface. And you do. Traveling does not open your mind. It is you who does that, it is you who allows traveling to open you up. And by doing so you are becoming someone brand new, you are becoming you – fully realizing your needs, dreams and wants.

Finding my way in Paris

It does not really matter which tools you use as long as you use the right one. Traveling is not for everyone – there are people who find fulfillment by building their dream home or working for others. They are not worse than anyone else. Traveling is the right tool for me to unlock my world and its probably right for you to do the same. But it is just a tool…

Quiet street in Prague

Traveling is a virus you do not want to be cured off. I am anxious at home and if I did not have a plan for the future, which involves even more traveling, I would be sick, depressed and unhappy. I would be like an empty jar without a purpose, like a black and white photography without a depth, like a picture without a soul… This is what having a passion does to you – colours your life, puts a sense into it, makes the difference. It activates hidden qualities and allows you to take anything else lightly, allow you to survive.

zdjecie (5)
Sacré-Cœur, Paris

My choice to travel made me fall in love with so many places that my heart can barely contain them. My hunger for more is growing – how could I stop now, when the world just started opening up to me? How could I escape destiny, when it’s so welcomed by me? How could I ignore all the sights of addiction and survive? How would I ever wanted to be cured? 

zdjecie (1)
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

My choice to break the routine and let the adventure take over allowed me to shut some ajar doors from the past firmly and move on. It made me confident that whatever happens I can pursue my passion and that my life has a purpose, that I am allowed to be happy, confident, myself. Perhaps the fact I hit 40 has something to do with that too.

La Défense, Paris

I often ask myself why as we are getting older we are getting scared of changing anything more than when we are younger? Our whole life is dedicated to finding happiness here and now, but are we brave enough to be happy when we finally realize what is it that makes us happy? We all have dreams, but how many of us actually try hard enough to make these dreams come true? What holds us back? The fear of breaking the rules? The fear we will not be able to survive? But really, what is better – the life with dreams coming true or the life in which we can only dream but never live the dream…

Les Invalides, Paris

 “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”  said Robert Louis Stevenson. How close is what he said to my feelings about traveling! The journey matters as much as the destination. And every time I travel I hope I am in the right place in the right time. And I am never mistaken.

Tram to Štefánikova hvězdárna, Prague





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