Southern Cyprus in a week – what we saw, what we did, what we ate and how much did we spend :)

I like to think about us as opportunist and budget travelers, although some could say – you could do this cheaper. My answer to this – yes, I could, but I still do this within my set budget. And this is the main thing – whatever your budget is you can work it the way it suites you and you can travel. So, stop making excuses and start learning how to travel cheaply and how to save for your travel.

If you are traveling full time, your budget will be different, but I am all about traveling affordable for 9-5 folks. So there you go – we might be talking about two different approaches here. Still, I hope I do it right and not very, very expensive. At the end of the day we all respect our money.


As we headed towards cold and rainy November, I was looking forward to our little escape – first week of November we were able to spend in Cyprus, trying to catch a little bit of a winter sun. 

Beach near Larnaka

There is so much talk about how expensive Cyprus is and how unlikely is to afford holidays there, but I was not quite sure about that. First things first – if you book early, you will not be spending as much as it is widely anticipated. I had a sum in my mind and I wanted to stick to it – I decided that £550 for a week for two, with flights, 4* hotel and half board is quite a good deal. To be honest, if we wanted to go cheaper and involve some cooking – we could do that on a lower budget as the hotel we stayed in in Pafos (Panareti Coral Bay) had a quite nice kitchenette attached to the apartment. 

Swimming pool at our hotel
Comfy bed
View from our balcony

It was nice to have a fridge in the room (and this is why I prefer a 4* hotels in hot countries) as we did not need to spend money on drinks – we could stash it with beer and wine or any other local alcohol we wished to drink. We could buy water and juice and have it nice and cold, as during the day it was getting quite hot and we were pleased to have something cool at hand, when traveling by our rented car.

Lovely micra we traveled all week – the cost of renting it out was 50 euros and we spent about 100 euros on petrol as the aim was to see as much as we wanted!

We had few drinks at the hotel bar, of course, as they had a nice promotion on two of them – they costed only 2.95 euros, so it was just quite not right to pass on this brilliant opportunity! The beer was 3 euros per pint.

Delicious Pina Colada for 2.95 euros.
Very girly and sweet Mai Tai also for 2.95 euros.

The hotel food was not very exciting, I would say average meals for holidaymakers, but having a breakfast ready was a rather nice thing, as we did not need to spend any time on preparing it. Evening meal was too late for our liking (7 p.m.) as we were experiencing local cuisine during the day, so next time we might just go with a hotel and breakfast only. 

Selection at evening salat bar

When we go to a new country, we always curious about local food and drinks – this time we were no different! As we needed to eat something for our lunch (and we budgeted it as a maximum of 10 euros per person per day) we had a quite few very nice and cheap meals.

Amazing sea food we had on our way back from Cape Lara – costed us 19.50 euros with drinks
Delicious kebab we ate in the cafe at Governor’s Beach – it was 18 euros with drinks.
Really nice and very tasty kebab in Pafos – with a nice orange juice and some SevenUp and Coke – just 15 euros for both of us!


Amazing fish plate at Coral Bay Beach – we paid 18 euros for this plus beers!
Very spicy and tasty kebab in Limassol – just 12 euros for both!
The best cherry pie I had ever had – on our way back from Troodors Mountains
Great kebab in Larnaca – 16 euros for the whole meal!
My part of the meal 🙂

During a week of exploring we managed to see a lot! Just a few really awesome places below:

Aphrodite beach
Agios Georgios Alamanos Monastery
Governor’s Beach near Larnaca
Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque and Salt Lake near Larnaca
Holy Monaster of St Neophytos
Cape Lara – Turtle Beach
Panagia Monastery
Apollo Sanctuary
Wine Museum near Kolossi Castle
Kolossi castle
The Tombs of the Kings
The Church of Archangel Michael
Kykkos Monastery

We set our budget not to cross £1.000 for the whole week, including everything – accommodation, petrol, cost of renting a car, drinks, lunches etc. And I have to say – we stick to it and seen so many beautiful places that it was worth it! So, you decide if this is expensive or not. Of course, you might think there are ways to do it cheaper (we could save at least 200 euros by not renting a car, not visiting and not eating out – but what would be the point of leaving our home then?)  and if we were full time travelers, we probably would do it cheaper – but we are 9-5 folks who goes on holidays just few times per year and want not only see places but experience them more within short lived time off work. 


Tombs Of the Kings

Kolossi Castle


The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates

Hala Sultan Tekke

Governors Beach

Coral Bay

Pano Panagia

Mt Olympos

Aphrodite Beach


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