Travel cheaply – you can even if you are 9-5 folks!

I am 9-5 folk who only work to afford traveling. This is very simple – if you want to travel you need money. For us – working people fund our holidays is easier and more difficult at the same time. We have a steady income, but we have bills to pay too. However there are things we all can do to make sure our money go further – there are advises and resources we can use to make sure we are doing everything to travel cheaply but still quite comfortably.

Sardinia for Easter time 🙂

  1. Book in advance.
    We, part time travelers can book our leave at work in advance (at least I hope the majority of us can!), so why not try to plan your whole year in January or when you are allowed to? Looking for a last minute deals might be useful as well, but I have found that travel agencies can be even more flexible and can offer great deals if you are willing to pay deposit few months earlier.

    Beautiful Akka.
  2. If you see a cheap flight to a destination you are willing to go to and the time is perfect – book it!
    You are able to sort out the accommodation later on. In 9 out of 10 cases you find that it is not very difficult to find somewhere affordable to stay. And you have cheap ticket in hand already, so you are able to splash a little bit more on accommodation if it’s needed.
    My favorite website for booking flights is skyscanner, but be aware, that checking flights directly with airlines can be beneficial too!

    On our way to Israel!
  3. Travel out of season.
    I love traveling in June and September/October! It is sooooo less crowded, things are cheaper and you have a better choice as well.

    Amazing Scotland in May!
  4. Compare!
    Sometimes it is cheaper to organize your holidays by yourself than let the travel agent do it for you. If you can plan in advance, you might sometimes find that the flights and accommodation are cheaper than the deal offered by the travel agent. Surprise, surprise, but can happen! A little bit of research can’t hurt anyone!

    Cornwall, UK – staying in a caravan in August was much cheaper and more practical than B&B
  5. Be flexible with your destination.
    As we 9-5 folks cannot be fussy about time, we can be choosy at least about destination. Do consider something different than the usual destination. There is always a possibility you will be having holidays from hell but believe me it is unlikely. It is you who shape your trip as well, not only destination.

    Autumn sea – Ustronie Morskie, Poland
  6. Do your research online.
    Check if you can afford the destination. For me holidays are the blessing break from everyday 9-5 so I do not want to go to the place I cannot afford or the place which could leave me totally broken and stressed over this. Do your research to find out if the country everyone says is expansive really is!

    Cyprus surprised us with affordable and tasty meals – this generous dinner costed just 6 euros and I was not hungry for a very long time!
  7. Book car online.
    Booking a car to go around is getting cheaper and cheaper. We paid 50 euros for a weekly rental in Cyprus with full insurance. When we get there we have found out that if we want to rent a car it would cost us about 20 euros per day!

    This lovely Nissan Micra costed us about 50 euros for a week!
  8. Don’t forget about perks at your job or look for free stuff to do at your destination!
    Some of us might have benefit system which allows them to get discounts with airlines or some travel agencies. It is worth looking at these opportunities as you will never know what you might be missing!

    Our trip to Cyprus – thanks to benefits available through my employer -was cheaper than expected!

    There is always a lot to do for free and if you do a little bit of research before you go you can find something really interesting to take part in anywhere!

    Ever visited Danish Parliament? You can and it is for free, in Copenhagen!
  9. Go with a group.
    If you have a lot of friends who like traveling, you are pretty much sorted. Renting a house for 10 people is always cheaper than renting a flat for two. I personally prefer traveling with my husband or my family, so if you are like us – look at previous advises!

    Sardinien 129
    Great adventure in Sardinia with my family and friends!
  10. Consider different accommodation.
    Like going with a tent! Why not? Might be cheaper than booking a room! And you are more flexible with where to go! Read about our tent trip to Portugal here – you will find useful advises on why traveling with a tent is fun and cheap too! Or stay with family – like we did in Denmark. It can cut the costs of the trip significantly! And it helps to build better relationships with your family too 🙂 Just bring nice gifts and all will be sorted!

    Copenhagen is not a cheap place to visit, but we are lucky to have family over there 🙂

     If you have any more tips, please, share and help me grow this list! Leave a comment and it will be appreciate!



4 thoughts on “Travel cheaply – you can even if you are 9-5 folks!”

  1. Monika I so dig each tip! #2 and #3, well, Kelli and I follow these ones all of the time. We typically book flights in the $600 dollar range from Bangkok to NYC. Not bad, eh? ;)….when you see the right flight price book it immediately. Get all over it, and you’ll iron out hotels/etc down the road because in most traveled spots you can find reasonably priced lodging…be in tent, or apartment lol…..

    Thanks Monika, you’re saving travelers some nice coin here!



    1. Hi Ryan
      Thanks enormously for this brilliant comment! It is all about looking after your money at the end and make sure you can make them go further. I am on an unstoppable mission to save money to travel more and I think everyone can do it! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Great post Monika. I particularly agree with going ahead and booking right away if the flight meets your circumstances and price requirements. Sometimes, I try to wait it out and hope for a drop in fare prices. With destinations that I’ve travelled to before, I know roughly what is a good deal. Try to scrape a little more off the bottom is just not worth it. It’s been suggested by some travellers that you should use an icognito window on Chrome as it hides your past activity. I can’t confirm this, but I do notice sometimes that the more I search a particular flight, the prices slowly tend to creep up on me. Coincidence? Hard to say. But like you said, if it’s right…book it!


    1. Hi Wayne 🙂 I could not agree more with the mystical price rise when you keep checking! I need some tickets for our Argentina trip in February and I am trying not to check the prices, as I know they will rise! I have price in mind I would like to pay and I hope we can manage, but you never know! Yes, you need a rough idea of the price and yes, if you see the price is right, do not hesitate, just book it 🙂 Thanks for visiting bdw!


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