9 reasons for traveling with a tent – for 9-5 folks :)

There are plenty of advices for full-time travellers on how to book cheap accommodation, buy cheap flight ticket, find great place to eat etc. However if you are not, like me, a full time traveller, you might consider spending part of your holidays with a rented car and a tent!


To this day I consider our 2 weeks holidays in Portugal with a tent the best holidays ever. And this is why:

  1. We were spontaneous – we did not plan where to go. Any traveller has heard about skyscanner by now and if you did not it is definitely time you visit the website to find out where to flight for the fraction of the cost! That is possible if you can be flexible with your dates and do not mind destination much. Luckily for us flights to Faro were very cheap and in October Portugal has proven to be hot and lovely!

    albufeira (1)

  2. We chose the freedom of countless campsites – I bought a book about campsites in Portugal and Spain on Amazon ( Alan Rogers Spain and Portugal 2009: Quality Camping and Caravanning Sites) and that was the whole planning where we are going to sleep done! Brilliant resource with a list of campsites, facilities available, prices etc. for tent fans .
    Camping in Porto Covo – Marcin getting ready to drive 🙂

    Porto Covo – getting lost in a tent!
  3. We chose country with cheap cost of renting a car – yes, it was sooo cheap (even now it is about £5.00 per day, according to travel supermarket). I could not believe it! We had a car, a tent and total freedom on the destinations within Portugal and Spain!

    Our lovely Seat! After we were back from Portugal, we decided to buy a Seat, as we have tested it on the road already!
  4. We could change our minds about the place we will be visiting and how long we were going to stay  – that is because we travelled with a tent out of the season!

    On the road to Spain
    Visiting Batalha

    Going to Fatima
  5. We covered distance from Faro to Fatima, visited Alcoba, Batalha, Lisbon, Albuferia, Lagos, Porto Covo, Cacela Velha, Tavira, Sagress, Olaho,  Seville and Granada and could drive through the night if we wanted to.

    Driving through Vasco da Gama bridge
    On our way to Spain – reaching border
    Visiting a cemetery in Cacela Velha
    cacela-velha-cmentarz (1)
    Visiting a cemetery in Cacela Velha

    Reaching Spain!
  6. We had the best breakfast companion ever – pigeon we called “Dupeish” as similar word we heard many times on Portuguese radio and neither of us speaks Portuguese, but we loved the sound of this word instantly!

    Dupeish getting his breakfast in Olaho 🙂

    olhao-nasz-kumpel-sniadaniowy (1)
    Dupeish getting his breakfast in Olaho 🙂
  7. We had access to brilliant campsites with swimming pools (all for us only!) and great cafes with fantastic breakfast and a crappy once where you could forgot about toilet seats. We stayed on a great campsite in a center of Lisbon too!

    Swimming pool just for us in Olaho!
    olhao-basen-na-campingu (1)
    Swimming pool in Olaho
    Campsite near Faro

    basen-na-naszym-campingu-camping (1)
    Relaxing in Lagos
  8. We could drive through off beaten tracks, as you do not really need to use motorways in Portugal (you need to pay for them, remember) and driving through different roads gave us great feel for the country!

    Side window view
    jazda (1)
    Would you like some grapes?
    jezdzimy-sobie-po-portugalii (1)
    Going further!

    Unusual landscape
  9. As we did not spend much on accommodation, we could enjoy great dishes of local food all the time, without worrying about cooking!

    Pizza in Spain
    Sea food in Portugal

    So, if you are up for adventure and something totally different – go with your tent to any country you can cheaply fly to, cheaply rent a car and drive through off beaten tracks to see this country from different perspective!


4 thoughts on “9 reasons for traveling with a tent – for 9-5 folks :)”

  1. This kind of holiday and way of travelling really appeals to me, what I like the most is the freedom camping gives you, but again we are generally so spontaneous and never book any accommodation ahead of time, that we already feel like we have plenty of freedom. We must try this though 🙂


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