Horses, beer and a little bit of elegance in Ascot.

Although it was a rainy day, it did not matter much as my excitement level helped me completely ignore water dropping at me. We arrived in Ascot on a train, as our plan was not only to look at the races for the first time in our lives, but to enjoy 8th CAMRA beer festival – Germany have their Oktoberfest – Ascot got CAMRA!

The beer was very popular, we needed to be quick!

Amazing CAMRA!

Ascot hides itself on the borders of Surrey and Berkshire and its most famous feature must be Ascot Racecourse – it hosts 9 out of 32 annual Group 1 races. It is closely associated with Royal Family as there is only 6 miles between the village and Windsor Castle.

Paddock for horses presentation before the race
Inside Ascot Racecourse
Outside the building, near the racing tracks

There is 26 days of racing hosted by Ascot Racecourse between May and October inclusive, throughout winter months there is a jump racing event and The Royal Meeting in June with the Gold Cup remains the highlights for every horse racing fan. In July the most prestigious race is of course the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

Beauty captured
These horses love running!


For a newbies like us it was all very interesting. A lot of women were dressed rather appropriate for the event (according to the dress code), less for the weather. For the majority of attendees it was great opportunity to take part in a fantastic social event.  You could clearly see enjoyment and fun some people had!

They are having fun!
It was crowded sometimes, especially just before the race
Enjoying the moment before the race starts
Nicely dressed ladies 🙂
Great social event

We had a great opportunity to have a wander around the place, loose £5.00 each (haha, no idea about horse racing bets and there is nothing like beginner luck – we must have played a lot in our previous lives!), drink some awesome beers, look at the horses, jockeys and owners and see them racing like crazy on the track.

He will be racing soon!
He will be racing too!
Wonder if he was one of the winners???
Jockeys before the race
Loose your money here!
The area before the racing track

I have to say – I had great fun! Everything was so well organized and we were quite impressed by that too. Even weather improved later on and we could see some sun trying to get through the thick rainy clouds. If you never been on a horse racing this is something what you should put on your bucket list, even if you, like me, do not have a great knowledge about the betting 🙂 Sometimes is good to do something just for fun and not being serious about it!

Ascot is famous for the hats – so there you go!
Love the speed!
Trying to capture the speed!

More information on visiting Ascot and horse racing can be found here. Don’t forget to have fun!

Royal Ascot


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