Don’t let things possess you…

Are things important to you? Your new couch, new TV, perhaps this dream come true comfy bed? We moved from one country to another and we left everything behind – our flat, our furniture, all my work related stuff… and our friends and family. I do not regret leaving a single thing – they do not hold any values to me. I am glad someone else is using our flat and things in it. We have created new home here, in the UK. So it is possible, although it is not easy. I miss my friends and family, of course, but they are not things, they are important and irreplaceable.



I do not understand why things are important to people. Why they are life-goals. Why ownership is a clue to make their lives better. At the end of the day if you live in fear of losing something, you will eventually lose it. And then what? What will happen? Will you start gathering again? Will you start filling in an empty space? Would you feel a void because you lost something? If you would – let me tell you – you have a huge problem. You let things take over, you let things own you. You live to have them not to use them.


There is not a single thing in my life I could not live without. You can replace everything – your laptop, your phone or tablet, your camera or shoes. You cannot replace your memories, people you love and who are dear to you. You cannot replace impressions and feelings. But you can leave a chair, glasses, a house… and not regret doing that.


When we moved to the UK we needed to watch the things we own as there was a high probability that we will need to move from one place to the other – we changed houses and I watched carefully our possessions. I have never regretted leaving something behind – a couch, a chair, a table… I have never let things to overcome me. I do not want to learn finding pleasure in possessing things. I hate going shopping and when I go I go with a strict aim to buy what is really needed – shoes, jacket, trousers, cheese or tomatoes. I hate window shopping – such a waste of time! How can people find it a pleasure I just cannot comprehend.


I do not want things to overtake, start being an aim and sense of my life. Does it matter I have 5 or 8 pair of shoes? Or 10 dresses? At the end of the day I do not talk to them, I do not take the pictures and they are not in my memory for long. But people and places do stay in my head longer and I am glad they are. Otherwise my life would probably be full of things – bags, clothes, pictures instead of memories, places and people. I am glad I do not love things, I do not let them to overpower me, I am glad I understand they are here to help me make my life comfortable and if I do not need them anymore I can just ditch them without any sentiments or regrets. I am free of ridiculous love for things, focusing instead on what is really important – people, places and memories.



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