Not far away from home… Bath in Somerset

Wandering Earl in one of his posts said that even if you are a full time working person you can still travel more. If you lucky enough to have weekends off that is. The majority of my weekends are off and I try to do something different whenever I can – go to see places I have never been to or just places I have visited previously but like going back – such as famous Durdle Door. 

Durdle Door in Dorset

Durdle Door in Dorset

This time it is Bath, with its great atmosphere and charming little places I am discovering every time I am there. This town has something magical and great about it, this town is just making you wanting wander around, look at the buildings and people. Everything seems slower and nicer in Bath. To tell you exactly what is it so different and amazing about Bath seems almost impossible – you need to go there to breath the air, touch the buildings and meet the magic.

Bath – small things are making me happy 🙂

Every time I am in Bath I discover something new – a new building, new colour, new feature… This time was no different – I focused on unusual places, small things, lovely new adventures for my untrained eye. And Bath, as always, did not disappoint, giving new and fresher look, offering its best again and again.

Bath – where would this door take you?
Bath – colorful shelf on the brige

 In Bath I had the best cream tea ever – in a little cafe at the famous bridge. In Bath Marcin bought his best shoes and even I could find something for myself. Bath lacks a huge shopping center, which would kill its charm but still manged to be a great place to shop.  

The best cream tea in the town

Bath has great Park & Ride facilities and our journey back was awesome – as we were sitting at the front of the double decker  and experiencing a panoramic view of the buildings. 

Abbey in Bath
Abbey in Bath

You can visit Roman Baths which is an amazing experience or just look at the enormous and beautiful  Gothic Bath Abbey – which history dates back to 7th Century.

Romans bath
uk tomek i aneta 030
Romans baths

Whatever you choose – Bath will not disappoint, I promise. And do not forget about cream tea in the cafe on the Bridge as they know what they are doing with this stuff 🙂


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