Batalha – not planned but not a miss!

Let me start on saying – Portugal is amazing!!! I am not the person who considers coming back to the country again, but Portugal would be on the top of the list if I have one for “visiting again”. So, if you have a tent and spare time just book your ticket, pack your stuff, rent a car (better have a car if you are carrying a tent around and it is not that expansive if you look carefully) and go and see Portugal! The most amazing, beautiful beaches, lovely people, great food, grand architecture and more will await you.

Inside gardens of Monastery

Today I want to take you to the Monastery of Batalha – the most beautiful building we came across during our 2 weeks traveling through Portugal. The best thing about traveling without a strict plan is coming across things which can take your breath away. Undoubtedly Batalha is one of them !

Lace like structure
Precision and beauty

The monastery is Dominican convent in the town of Batalha – official name Monastery of Saint Mary of the Victory. The construction started in XIV century as a gratitude to St Mary for the Portuguese victory over Castilians in the battle of Aljubarrota in 1385. It was a fulfilment of a promise of King John I of Portugal  (source: wikipedia).

Lace like interiors
Unfinished building

We had a good wander around the building. The most beautiful parts of it for me were lace-like ornaments you can see in the pictures – I could not believe that I was looking at stones! The precision and tenderness they were made with was absolutely perfect!

Enormous windows

The monastery is huge. Its dominating upon the town and my poor camera was not able to take the whole building in! It’s like a time capsule which has not changed throughout the centuries.For me this was the most beautiful and perfect building in the world – although still unfinished!

View from our car on to the Batalha Monastery

In front of the building a huge sculpture of the Nuno Álvares Pereira – a Portuguese general who had a decisive role in the 1383-1385 Crisis that assured Portugal’s independence from Castile  (source: wikipedia). As you can see his statue is enormous and believe me if I say that it looked small comparing to the monastery itself.

I and him… or perhaps HIM an I 🙂

If you are in Portugal, visiting Batalha is an absolute must. Please, do not let it slip unnoticed!



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