You do not need to travel far…

It is somehow amazing how far we are willing to travel to see beautiful landscapes, sea, nature, other people, food… There are beautiful and breathtaking places to visit near where you live as well. Everyone travels to South Asia, both Americas, Africa… but not many people travel around where they live. At least not many share their “near my neighborhood” adventures. Somehow it is not as exotic. But… doesn’t he look exotic???


We have visited many places in Europe, so I feel its time to change continent, but before I am able to go further I am going to show you some places in the United Kingdom, which are worth visiting as well. So, today back to Snowdonia!


We went there with our tent in July this year, just for one night. The owner of the campsite could not believe we were willing to travel that far for just one night – 244 miles to the campsite! One way 🙂 Yes, we are that crazy 🙂 But it was worth it! On our way back we stopped in Barmouth  and went to see the beach.


Such a lovely weather we had! Although I have to say, when we went to visit Pistyll Rhaeadr the rain had no mercy on us! Such a variety of weather in Wales during just two days we stayed there is somehow overwhelming. 


We spend the whole afternoon on a beach, catching the sun, and swimming – yes! The water was unbelievable cold, but we could not resist – I am not sure when is going to be next time we go there, so despite my teeth rattling from the cold I embrace the freezing water and stubbornly swim in the Irish Sea… As you can see some of the visitors on the beach had no problem at all with the cold water! I know, they were protected, but still…


And as for him – he was my favourite beach user – so friendly and happy, playing around with a stick and not scared of cold water at all!  I really hope I managed to capture his soul in these pictures:



 We left Snowdonia and its beautiful beaches hungry for more and I know we will be back quite soon to visit as its beauty caught us immediately and forever. In this case doing almost 250 miles one way was worth it!

Snowdonia National Park


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